Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers' Guild

Sad News

From Karen McMannon:

If you look up and see a flourish in the blue skies today, it is Kathryn Darling’s.  She passed quietly in her home this morning, March 19.  She had a sweet time preparing and visiting with her family and now after more than 25 years of constant pain she is free.  Not one of us could have guessed the amount of agony that she suffered due to a surgery infection because she would bustle in on her Scooter with all the cheerfulness and willingness to give, and to the Guild, Kathryn gave: her art expertise, her years creating the best Guild Newsletter ever and donating the overhead we use as a teaching vehicle at our meetings.  Her greatest joy seemed to be when she penned names in public and oh, how the patrons would watch her pen flow and create and then they almost seemed stunned to be holding their names in their hands.  Kathryn was a gift to us and we are grateful that she was shared with us for awhile.

I will miss my friend. 
– Karen M

As will we all miss her.