Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers' Guild

October 19: Calligrams with Marguerite

Calligram by Marguerite Katchen

Please join us at 10 a.m. Saturday, October 19 at the Bell Tower Arts Pavillion for the monthly GCCG meeting. Come an hour early for  study of the Italic Hand with Karen McMannon. Then stay for Calligrams with Marguerite Katchen: A calligram is text arranged in such a way that it forms a thematically related image. It can be a poem, a phrase, a portion of scripture, or a single word; the visual arrangement can rely on certain use of the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting, for instance along non-parallel and curved text lines, or in shaped paragraphs. The image created by the words illustrates the text by expressing visually what it says, or something closely associated; it can also, on purpose, show something contradictory with the text or otherwise misleading. Art sample and supply list to come later.

Supplies to bring for Calligrams: Paper that will take ink (blank if possibe, a pencil and any of the following: a Micron Pen, or a brush pen or a pointed pen nib and a bottle of ink. OK to bring a flat nib too. If someone has not done this before, a micron pen is the easiest to start with. Margurite will provide everything else. For the Italic Hand: Your choice of broad edge nib and ink, or Pilot Parallel Pen, or even a simple broad edge marker, and paper for practice.

Reminder: New venue!
The address for the Bell Tower Arts Pavilion is 3270 Glendale Milford Rd. Park in the back to access the lower level. If you go in at the traffic light at Glendale Milford Rd. and Kingsport Dr. you will have direct access to the back of the build and the entrance to our meeting space. We will be working with the Arts Center to get our Library Books re-located to the new space. Speaking of books, if you currently have one checked out, please bring it to the next meeting so others may have a chance to enjoy it.

Letters of the Month!

For this meeting feel free to play around with the Letters â€˜E’ & ‘Z’. Bring your experiments and share with us on our SEE TABLE. Kind of like Sesame Street, yes, but instead of the Letter of the Day, we are featuring a letter or two at each meeting. September letters were ‘C’ & ‘G’, of course for our Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers’ Guild. October Letters are ‘E’ & ‘Z’. Making it easy for our members! Keep your eye out for different letterforms worthy to be shared and try your hand at creating your own unique, never before seen stylizations. Who knows, they may be Instgrammed!