Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers' Guild

April 13: Field Trip!

On Saturday April 13, 2019 we will be taking a field trip. Member Margie Wallace, will be guide as she shows us some of the collection of books at The Athenaeum of Ohio / Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Eugene H. Maly Memorial Library,  6616 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45230. Please arrive at 10 a.m.

Directions: The library is on the right side of the building.  As you drive in the property turn to the right and there is plenty of parking in front. The library entrance is the far right in the front. After entering the building the library is on the right, designated by a plaque on the wall. 

From Margie: We are looking forward to the calligraphy guild meeting at our library on April 13. I will be here to lead the tour of our library and the rare book room collection.  Here is some information about our institution and the collection:

The Athenaeum of Ohio / Mount St. Mary’s Seminary is a Roman Catholic seminary and graduate school of theology offering degrees in Divinity, Biblical Studies, Catholic Studies, Lay Pastoral Ministry and Theology. The seminary has existed since 1829 and many of the most rare books in the library came from the collection of Archbishop Purcell (mid-1800s).

  • Our oldest book is Peter Lombard’s Book of Sentences, a book of theology created in mid-13th century. The script in this book is French Batarde.
  • A Graduale is a book of the sung parts of the Mass.  Our Graduale (1528)  is from a German monastery and was used for about 300 years. It is a large book designed to be placed on a stand and has vellum pages, a leather cover and bone pieces attached to the cover to keep it on the stand. The most decorated pages are the significant holy days, especially Easter.  
  • Low Saxon Bible or Quentell’s Bible (1478) is our oldest printed bible. It is in Low Saxon German on handmade paper and has 113 woodcuts.
  • Nuremberg Chronicle (1493) is a pictorial history of the world in Latin from Creation to 1493. It is the most illustrated book of its time with 1804 woodblock illustrations.  The illustrations are from the school where printmaker Albrecht Durer studied.

I will pull several more books for our tour to highlight the decorative aspects of our library collection.  I’ve attached a few photos of our Graduale and books in our Special Collection.


Registration for IAMPETH will open to the public on March 30, and there is probably still time to sign up if you are interested, but not a member yet. For more information about the IAMPETH conference, click the link below. The IAMPETH conference is July 15-20 in Denver, Colorado.

Letter Hang

This was posted in the Cincinnati Graphic Designer’s group on Facebook, Thursday, April 25, 7 p.m. at Rhinegeist Brewery, 1910 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Do you love letters? Then come join us along with fellow designer Quiver Supply Co. for a laid back night of lettering and meeting like minded creatives. We’ll have 2 tables reserved at Rhinegeist Brewery April 25th from 7PM-9PM. Designers of all shapes and sizes are welcome to come. Just bring a sketchbook, iPad, or notebook along with your favorite tools and get ready to meet new people and flex those creative muscles. This is not a class or anything like that, just a chance to meet other people who share the same interests and have a few beers. We hope to see you guys there! To see the event, click the link:


Better Letters Hand Lettering Workshop by Mike Meyer, Thursday, June 27, 2019 to Sunday, June 30, 2019

For more information, follow this link:
The Greater Cincinnati Calligrapher’s Guild is open to anyone with an interest in the lettering arts.