Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers' Guild

40+ Years of GCCG Exhibit

A Drop of Ink

The Greater Cincinnati Calligraphers’ Guild celebrates more than Forty Years – 4 decades of calligraphic sharing – historically it is only a drop of ink! The first writing, recording an event, was the Stone Age cave drawing. Through the centuries, the written word the world over has been hard copy of the spoken word. Modern technology has waylaid calligraphy’s practical application. It is today’s Lettering Guilds that preserve this craft and further create it into an art form. Art is the result of the proper use of its tools – the perfect definition of calligraphy, which in Greek simply means “beautiful writing.”

Notes: This is open and encouraged for EVERY member of our Guild. We want to show all talents from beginner to professional. The will be NO jury to judge, but rather show development over time and practice. More details about the exhibit space to come.

Dates to remember:
8/5 – Bring your artwork to the Bell Tower Arts Pavilion for transport
8/7-8/8 – Deliver artwork to TMU Eva G. Farris Gallery
8/9 – Installation
8/14 – 9/7 – Exhibition period
9/7 – Closing reception 4-7 pm (with a “gallery talk” from 3:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. )