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By Mary Pope Osborne, Natalie Pope Boyce

Track the proof with Jack and Annie!
whilst Jack and Annie received again from their experience in Magic Tree apartment #16: Polar Bears earlier Bedtime, they had plenty of questions. Why is the Arctic so chilly? What did the 1st humans of the Artic devour? How do polar bears go skinny ice? What different animals stay within the Arctic? discover the solutions to those questions and extra as Jack and Annie song the facts.

Filled with up to date details, images, illustrations, and enjoyable tidbits from Jack and Annie, the Magic Tree apartment truth Trackers are the precise approach for children to determine extra in regards to the subject matters they found of their favourite Magic Tree condo adventures. And academics can use truth Trackers along their Magic Tree apartment fiction partners to satisfy universal middle textual content pairing needs.

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A few humans have noticeable wolves howling for no cause in any respect. they only looked to be making a song jointly. Narwhal Narwhals are most unique whales. The men have a really, very lengthy left enamel. It grows out in their mouths in a spiral. And it grows to be seven to 10 ft lengthy! Narwhals use their tusks for struggling with or for locating meals. in the summertime, male narwhals rub their tusks jointly. this can be known as “tusking. ” Scientists aren’t certain why they do that. probably it’s their manner of speaking. many of us think the parable of the unicorn grew out of narwhal sightings. That’s why at the present time we regularly name narwhals “unicorn whales,” or “unicorns of the ocean. ” Snowy Owl Snowy owls are assorted from different owls. such a lot owls are nocturnal (nock-TUR-nul) and hunt basically at evening. Snowy owls hunt ordinarily through the day. They use sharp claws referred to as “talons” to trap their prey. Snowy owls have tufts of feathers on each side in their tremendous yellow eyes. those feathers strength sound again into the owl’s ears. whilst the owls fly excessive above the floor, they could see and listen to a mouse a ways down less than. those large white owls swoop down upon their prey with no creating a sound. They seize it with their talons and gobble it down complete. whilst moms arrive again at their nests, they cough up what they’ve eaten … correct into their infants’ mouths! Seal There are eighteen varieties of seals. they are often present in each ocean or even in a few lakes. Seals supply start on land. differently, they spend all their lives within the water. Seals are nice divers. even if they're clumsy on land, they're smooth and speedy within the water. Seals can remain underwater for thirty mins! Their heartbeat slows down underwater. this enables them to exploit much less oxygen and remain underwater for an extended time. whilst seals have to breathe, they arrive to the skin. They both bite holes within the ice or hit it with their heads to make an air gap. Then they take monstrous gulps of clean air. Seals devour fish, birds, shellfish, and tiny shrimp-like creatures referred to as “krill. ” Walrus Walruses are large seals. They reside either on land and within the sea. Thick layers of blubber, or fats, lie beneath their epidermis to maintain them hot. men can weigh as much as 3,000 kilos. That’s up to a small motor vehicle! men use their tusks for combating. Tusks also are convenient for breaking apart the ice. whilst male walruses leisure within the water, they hook their tusks over an ice floe in order that they won’t sink. Then they take a nap. Walruses locate their nutrition at the ocean flooring. Their lengthy whiskers support them suppose round at the backside. They consume clams, crabs, fish, sea cucumbers, and worms. Walrus moms and infants nap on ice floes. If a mom senses probability, she grabs her child along with her flippers, holds it tightly to her chest, and dives into the water. Polar bears are the biggest land predators in the world. they could do impressive issues. they could scent a seal from miles away. they could run at speeds of over twenty-six miles an hour for brief distances. and so they can swim for as much as sixty miles with no resting. once they consume, they usually pack away 100 kilos of meat at one sitting.

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