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smelliest plant
best water-walker
longest migration
hairiest animal
best surfer
tiniest mammal
longest tongue
fastest swimmer
sharpest feel of smell
strangest society
hottest animal
flashiest males
slimiest animal
fastest digger
loudest poultry call
slipperiest plant
stickiest skin
deadliest love-life
largest animal ever
oldest leaves
fattest carnivore
deepest-living animal
sleepiest animal

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The present top-of-the-list consumer is the chimpanzee. Like us, chimps get belly discomfort at times after overeating or eating pollution. additionally they get parasites and illnesses, and under pressure animals frequently turn out feeling beautiful sick. It’s no longer striking that an clever primate similar to a chimp, which learns by way of trial and mistake and instance, must have began to use medicinal items, on the grounds that their woodland habitat is stuffed with them. In Tanzania, chimps struggling with diarrhoea were noticeable utilizing the leaves of the ‘bitter leaf’ tree that area people comprehend as a drugs for malaria, amoebic dysentery and intestinal worms. throughout Africa, chimps were noticeable searching out rough-leafed vegetation, plucking entire leaves from them, rigorously folding the leaves, rolling them round of their mouths after which swallowing them. Excreted entire, the leaves push out parasites corresponding to intestinal worms. Many different animals additionally seem to self-medicate. Capuchin monkeys were obvious rubbing their fur with smelly vegetation that include therapeutic and insect-repellant homes. Black lemurs rub insect-killing chemical compounds from millipedes onto their fur. An elephant has been saw looking for labour-inducing leaves of a tree prior to giving delivery. Given our expanding want for brand new antibiotics and treatments, such examples supply an outstanding cause to maintain nature’s pharmacy intact through respecting the surroundings. such a lot painful stinger identify field jellyfish Chironex fleckeri situation near-shore waters of components of Australia and South-east Asia skill inflicting excruciating discomfort and attainable demise � Valerie & Ron Taylor/ardea. com a few say this is often the world’s such a lot venomous animal, yet this relies what you suggest. Is it the venomous creature you're probably to come across, does it kill extra humans than the other, or are the chemical compounds so much poisonous? definitely, a unmarried field jellyfish includes sufficient venom to kill at the least 60 humans, and lots of do die after being stung. even though the jellyfish has no wish to kill people, it's a hunter. An grownup field jellyfish – as huge as a human head, with tentacles as much as four. 6m (15ft) lengthy – has an entire array of robust stinging cells, referred to as nematocysts, and hunts customarily fish. it's very energetic (unlike many different jellyfish) and jet-propels itself throughout the sea looking for prey. It’s additionally obvious, making sure that fish (and people) don’t spot its lethal tentacles. There are 4 bundles of approximately ten tentacles, such a lot over 2m (6ft 6in) lengthy and every wearing round three million nematocysts. The toxin includes chemical substances that impact middle muscle and nerves and ruin tissue, the aim being to kill a fish quick so it doesn’t escape. but when a field jellyfish encounters a human, it may well additionally sting in self-defence. The discomfort is excruciating, and with out anti-venom, a sufferer can die from center failure in exactly a couple of minutes. additionally, nematocysts fireplace not only on command but if motivated bodily or chemically. unusually, they can’t penetrate women’s tights, and until eventually ‘stinger matches’ turned on hand, lifesavers patrolling shores could put on tights unashamedly.

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