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By Marc Cerasini

In a distant nook of recent Jersey is a country inside a nation—a shelter for fanatical converts and fervent believers. yet in the confines of the secluded Islamic neighborhood of Kurmastan, plans are underway to unfold worry, loss of life, and untold destruction throughout the USA . . . and to bring one deadly blow to the country's uncovered and weak heart.

On the East coast to oversee the activation of CTU's long island place of work, rogue agent Jack Bauer unearths himself within the middle of an unleashed storm possibly already too robust to forestall. but when it is not, in twenty-four hours the U.S. might be dropped at its knees by means of a mystery military grown by itself earth. and there's no one Jack Bauer can trust—because the roots of the fear cross very deep . . . and frighteningly high.

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He’s headed to an entry hatch at the northwest nook. ” Fixated on his aim, Jack closed the telephone, raised his head over the sting of the air-conditioning unit. seeking to the northwest, he noticed a mild African-American guy with black-framed glasses, donning a blue uniform, strolling towards an outhouse-sized constitution projecting from the flat roof. the fellow carried steel toolboxes in his hand, a package deal of twine over his slender shoulders. Jack took off at a run, circling energy devices and a skylight to arrive some degree the place he may possibly intercept the intruder. Then, lifting his Glock, Jack stepped into view. “Halt,” he cried. “You are in a constrained quarter. Drop the containers and get down at the flooring now. ” The man’s eyes have been vast in the back of his thick glasses. He instantly dropped the boxes—then he took off, sprinting to the fireplace get away twenty yards away. “Stop or i'll shoot,” Jack warned, stepping ahead. the guy accelerated. Jack dropped to at least one knee and aimed. on the final moment he reduced his Glock, firing on the man’s relocating legs. yet simply as Jack pulled the set off, the guy stumbled. rather than hitting his knee, the 9mm bullet stuck him squarely behind the top. the fellow went limp, his shattered lenses tumbled over the sting of the construction as his corpse hit the roof with a muffled thump, his head inches from the ledge of the fireplace break out. Bauer cursed. Glock pointed at his sufferer, he carefully approached. Jack didn’t have to money the man’s pulse to understand he used to be useless. The again of his head used to be blown out, blood and mind subject splattered at the roof. Jack holstered his weapon, bent down, went during the man’s wallet, yet discovered nothing—not even a pockets. nonetheless crouched, he became the lifeless guy onto his again. at the man’s forearm, Jack spotted a tattoo of a stylized quantity thirteen. He searched front wallet of the man’s uniform, frowned while he got here up empty back. Then he remembered the metal containers. Jack rose and grew to become, his again to the hearth break out. He took one step, and a vibrant flash exploded in his head. He by no means observed the blow coming. His legs buckled and he crashed to his knees. regardless of the pointy stab of soreness that rattled his cranium, Jack fought to stick awake, till a vicious kick to the aspect of his head despatched him sprawling. A blond guy within the Con Edison uniform stepped off the hearth get away, rubbing his fist. He glanced at his useless associate, then drew his weapon. The silencer was once nonetheless connected to the muzzle, and he positioned it opposed to Jack’s bloodied temple. Moaning, Jack coughed. “If you kill me, you’ll by no means get off this roof alive. ” The blond guy chuckled, driven the silencer till it gouged Jack’s flesh. “Shut up and die,” he stated. five the next occurs among THE HOURS OF 11:00 A. M. AND 12:00 P. M. japanese sunlight TIME 11:00:16 A. M. EDT CTU Headquarters, NYC at the flooring, the silencer digging into his temple, Jack had no time to make a circulate sooner than the ultimate gunshot. while it got here, Jack felt no discomfort. in its place, the strain opposed to his cranium easily fell away. Jack immediately discovered he hadn’t been shot.

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