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March 6th, 2017

The Pointed Brush Goes Bananas

ANN BAIN presents a mash-up of Carl Rohrs, Paul Maurer, Mike Kecseg, Gwen Weaver, and typeface “Hummingbird” from Laura Worthington (a worthy compilation).


  • Pointed Brushes – If you have a Pentel Colorbrush, that’s great. Otherwise, a nice watercolor brush, size about 3 to 6. For lighter work, the little Pitt Artist Pens are quite flexible and good. Ann found a ZIG Clean Color Real Brush on Amazon – many colors, and says they are great!
  • ‘Juicy’ brushes: Chinese ones to experiment with, also Winsor Newton Watercolor Markers.
  • Practice paper – large-ish, 11 x 17” or so newsprint. Bring some old newspapers for large brush practice. Canson (or other) Marker pads for more controlled work.
  • Inks: Sumi, Higgins, any black ink you feel comfortable with (acrylic is not recommended).
  • And if you have any: a Papermate Inkjoy gel pen, colored pencils or markers.

TIME: 9:30AM to 12:30PM with a snack break in between (probably bananas).

WHERE: Evendale Art Center

NOTE: We are aware that registration for the IAMPETH convention will start at at 11AM during our meeting, we will have a break at that time for those who want to get online to register. Bring your smart phones and laptops.

At the last meeting it was decided to move our April meeting to the 22nd as the previous date was the day before Easter. Stay tuned for more information about this meeting, we will have a special guest.

Lastly, there were numerous requests for the exemplar that Karen used at the last meeting. Please see below for the attachment.

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